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Beginners Guide to Beer Pong

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Group playing beer pong

Stuck for something to do one afternoon or evening? Then you’ve got to try Beer Pong, the American party game in which players try to ‘sink’ their opponents’ cups. Both a fun social activity and a way to show up your mates, beer pong is easily one of the best, (and booziest!) way to spend an evening with friends or colleagues plus it’s a great social interactive game too.

Below is our brief guide to beer pong to help you get a feel for this classic party game.

1. Pick your teams – Size up your opponents. Avoid lefties at all costs.

2. Set up your cups.

Ten cups are used to form a triangle, and an extra cup to the side filled with water. No one likes dirty balls.

3. Decide who goes first.

Typically, having players throw the ball and trying to hit a cup do this. The winner’s team goes first. Rock, Paper, Scissors and coin tossing are equally as effective.

4. Keep things fair.

Does the shot really count if your pal is leaning halfway over the table? Agree as a group before you start on things such as the cut off point for throwing the ball, or whether you’re bouncing off of the table or not. This helps avoid those arguments later on.

5. Get throwing.

The first team each attempt to throw a ball into their opponents’ cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup has to be drunk by a member of the opposing team. Play continues between the teams until on team has ‘sunk’ all of the other teams’ cups.

6. In the event of a tie, play is extended using three cups in a smaller triangle formation, and the game continues until a winning team is established.

Feel free to tweak the basics as you see fit. Many people find their friends have a set of ‘house’ rules, just like Monopoly, because there’s always more than one way to play a game!

Then again, if your friends have never played before, then you could just make up the rules to suit you… But we would never suggest that…

Here at SAMA Bankside we’re one of the newest beer pong London venues so come along and give it a go!

You can book a table here from Tuesday to Saturday and prices start from just £29 per game, which includes a pizza too.

For more info check out our beer pong packages here, perfect for that chilled night out!

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